Customer Relation Management

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We believe that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is crucial for the long term stability of any business. In today’s economy, you need to provide more than ‘just’ a good service or product. If you don’t follow up with outstanding customer service, you’re quickly forgotten making it more and more difficult to get customers back in the door again.

Get to know your customers so you can improve the efficiency of your marketing. Don’t waste your advertising dollars! Once you really know your customers, you can strategically strengthen your business. You can:

  • add better value for your customer
  • create and target incentives to shop
  • strengthen relationship and trust

Your best marketing weapon is a happy customer.

A good CRM System will give you the tools you need to collect valuable information about your customers. You might collect and analyse:

  • sales breakdown by new and existing customers
  • sales transactions and average sales amounts
  • sales breakdown by age, gender, weekdays and regions
  • sales increase or sales losses compared to your industry

Depending on your business, a suitable CRM System can be as simple as introducing a loyalty program with relevant software or adding email marketing software that allows you to create forms, surveys or newsletters.

We can help you evaluate and implement options that compliment your business, time availability and goals. Call us today for a free initial consultation to discuss your business’ needs.

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